4 Ways to Optimize IT Costs with Asset Management

Single-point solutions are the main source of increased costs and reduced agility. See how to transform your IT costs with unified endpoint management.

Change is a constant in business today, with business agility being highly valued. Changes in the IT landscape, shifts in regulatory compliance, and new business opportunities often require IT to adopt new tools. Over time, this leads to an increasing level of complexity that increases hard and soft costs, reduces agility, and reduces visibility. Top performing businesses leverage integrated asset management solutions to optimize IT costs and improve agility.

Replace Costly Single-Point Solutions

For any device on the network, IT must monitor, update, configure, and provision software to support employee productivity and minimize risk. Presented with new variables, whether a new device or regulatory requirement, businesses often adopt IT solutions on a need-by-need basis. Even if the price for an individual IT solution is not high, as needs grow more complex, IT teams are forced to seek multiple single-point solutions to optimize operations. As complexity grows in the number of devices and single-point solutions, the net result is a complexity gap that reduces IT team capacity and business agility.

Migrating to a unified endpoint management solution reduces technology silos for different devices, operating systems, or IT asset management capabilities. Organizations adopting a unified approach to IT asset management are able to eliminate the software and service costs associated with multiple single-point solutions.

Aside from improving hard costs, organizations see significant soft cost improvements. Securing and managing devices becomes seamless with a vertical approach across the entire infrastructure. This “single pane of glass” makes it possible to track and manage assets in real-time. Sophisticated unified endpoint management solutions such as FileWave will also offer automations and customized reports that translate into simpler processes and greater visibility.

Best of all, a unified approach to endpoint management provides a powerful IT backbone to support agility and growth.

Save Time and Resources for your IT Department

For a busy IT administrator, it’s important to be able to detect and manage the hardware, software, and network assets across the entire organization. With single-point solutions, it can be difficult to collect the data needed to inform decision making, identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, or for auditing purposes. When it comes to management, even a single software update across multiple devices and operating systems is time consuming.

Unified endpoint management helps reduce the IT staff costs to deploy, manage, and track IT assets across the entire organization. IT teams only have to know one solution to manage assets, reducing the complexity of managing your current and future IT infrastructure. As your FileWave implementation is optimized over time, training and onboarding new staff requires fewer resources and becomes a simpler process.

Improve Software Management

Managing your organization’s software is a pivotal portion of lifecycle and cost management, regardless of platforms. There are many ways you can improve costs by improving how you manage software, including:

  • Target software distribution to only those employees that need it, based on user group, location, or hardware and operating system requirements.
  • Support staged software distribution, performing any operating system updates before new software is installed.
  • Software distribution that can handle distributed networks or unreliable connections, with failsafes to ensure devices on a distribution list are not missed.
  • Reduce duplicate software purchases by offering a central Self-Service Kiosk that offers on-demand software, approved and correctly configured for your organization. As a bonus, centralized purchasing allows you to take advantage of volume purchasing programs.
  • Detailed software inventories can identify under-utilized or duplicate software.
  • Retain greater control over licenses, with the ability to distribute and revoke from BYOD devices and the ability to reassign licenses to different users.

A New Level of Support for Employees and for You

An effective endpoint management solution allows IT staff to provide better support to employees and to respond faster to ad hoc issues that cause unexpected disruptions. With only one solution to reference during investigation, and the ability to remotely connect to individual devices, IT teams are able to speed up time diagnosing issues. In fact, having one solution to manage all devices has made IT support so simple that that one of our education clients has brought in students for tier 1 support.

When it comes to remediation, IT teams can take advantage of the ability to remotely push software or configuration updates or to provide just-in-time training. FileWave’s Self-Service Kiosk also empowers employees to download the software, documents, or resources they need to be productive. IT can rest easy knowing that content is pre-approved and correctly configured and can be installed by end-users without the need for admin privileges.

Employees are not the only ones who need support from time-to-time. Just as we aim to reduce complexity for IT admins with our unified endpoint management solution, the same goes for support. First of all, isn’t it just so much easier reaching out to one company (instead of many) when you have a question or need help? Imagine now if you had your own dedicated representative at that company  to help you resolve tickets or link you with the professional services that could help you improve your configurations or assist in your projects.

If you’d like to see how FileWave can help your bottom line, get in touch with our team.

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