Group Photo at FileWave Partner Event – EMEA
This article is also available in German. FileWave has announced the launch of a new Partner Program in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This program is the first of its kind and comes with attractive margins and enablement on different partner tiers, which will make potential partners want to add FileWave’s hybrid,...
Digital transformation. The buzzword organizations scramble to grasp and execute is starting to pay off. Now that the groundwork has been laid, advanced technologies can start to come into the equation. For fast-growing enterprises, the adoption of new technologies coupled with rapid growth makes it an even riskier combination. In fact, according to a study...
Version 14.8 Release
FileWave’s latest release continues our record of excellence in multi-platform endpoint management. Version 14.8 focuses on many of the underlying technologies in the FileWave technology stack in order to continue delivering the functionality needed to help IT admins manage devices easily and efficiently. Key Version 14.8 Improvements FileWave 14.8 is comprised of a lot of...
Support for the latest Apple Fall Release, remote capabilities, Google IDP, and more.  The Version 14.6 Release is the latest in our effort to provide great features and empower IT leaders with efficient and effective management tools for all major device platforms. Some key benefits include: Support for Apple Fall Release (Part One) Support for...
Version 14.5 is our latest major update with lots of new features not only in our native admin, but also in our web administrator console.
Congress approved the American Rescue Plan (H.R.1319) on March 10, and it’s now on its way to President Joe Biden. Understanding the maze of funding programs and reporting requirements in the more than 600-page bill will be essential for state, local, tribal and school leaders to put these resources to use. This post highlights how...
How Should Your IT Team Use 5G?
As the next evolution in mobile networking, 5G delivers more than just faster speeds. It creates new business opportunities too. So, how should your IT team use 5G to take advantage of this potential?
Why Will Online Learning Become the IT Norm?
Online learning wasn’t the preferred education method for most IT teams until COVID-19 came. See why this tech-driven education model is here to stay as the industry’s new training norm.
The Business Advantages of Self-Service Tech
Whether you need a ride, a new place to live, or just need to make sure your last paycheck made its way into your account, self-service tech is all the rage. See why its business advantages have made self-service technology more popular than ever.
How Can UEM Help You Protect the Virtual Office Environment_
Business is diversifying. New technologies are being integrated, the demand for increased efficiency is increasing, and security is evolving to meet more and more advanced cybersecurity threats. So, how can Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) help you protect the virtual office environment?
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