Andy Markle
The CARES Act provides billions of dollars to K-12 schools with flexibility on how much can be used on technology, software, or connectivity.
FileWave 13.3.1 brings support for Apple’s latest OS releases, enhancements for Chromebook & Android management, Client View improvements, and much more.
Find out how efficient software management can help trim unnecessary IT costs and improve employee productivity.
An employee’s desire to increase productivity is an asset. This post explores how to empower employees without increasing Shadow IT risk.
Here are the top best practices to future-proof your learning environments for remote eLearning in response to COVID-19.
Remote work under COVID-19 is about more than just productivity: it requires balance, flexibility, and communication.
With the rapid switch to remote work under COVID-19, many employees are using personal devices or devices misconfigured for remote work. Here’s how to keep IT on track.
Save time and empower employees with these IT management best practices designed to support users and devices across a distributed organization or for remote work.
Follow these everyday workspace hygiene tips and specific tips for worksafe disinfection to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19, we offer IT management best practices for shifting to remote work and e-learning environments.
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