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TOPIC: Booster best practices

Booster best practices 15 Aug 2016 21:52 #2354

  • Paul Davis
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Hello everyone!

We have boosters at 7 different locations along with an IVS at each. Each location obviously has different subnets. The IVS and booster are on the same subnet at each location.

When we image at each location, I would like the clients to pull their filesets from the booster after they are imaged. Currently I have a smart group set up by IP address and a different SuperPrefs file for each to point at the booster for the location the computer is currently in. This is great for already established machines that move from location to location.

The problem comes in with imaging. The client that was just imaged gets the booster preferences last and therefore pulls all of the files from the FileWave server. There are only 5 spaces available in the client preferences for boosters so I do not have space for all of my boosters. I have placed the priority of the booster preferences to the highest but it still goes in almost last.

There has to be a better way to do this that I am just missing.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.


Booster best practices 23 Aug 2016 13:14 #2359

  • P-M Lejon
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I've modified the postinstall script (and recreated the pkg) for the installation of my FileWave clients (using Deploy Studio) for the same reason. Works great.
From what I understand FileWave is working on a little more "intelligent" way of choosing the current booster from the list of boosters, so in a near future we might not need to do such things anymore (though, I have no time frame on that feature whatsoever - it could take years).
P-M Lejon
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