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TOPIC: Time Machine as backup solution

Time Machine as backup solution 23 Aug 2010 13:09 #204

  • jean-philippe.sakael
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is it safe to use Time Machine on a running FileWave server ? It would allow to go back to a previous working version.

Since Time Machine updates way more regularly than we update the FileWave Db, we will refer to a manual entry in an Excel document detailing the date and time, model version and changes summary for that model. We'll look for that specific date and time in Time Machine and will restore from it.

I guess the FileWave service would need to be off during restore, but is it even safe to have Time Machine create its backup while the FileWave service is running ?

Our current backup plan is to stop the service, copy the full fwxserver folder on another drive, then restart the service. It creates service downtime and takes a lot of HD space, especially since the biggest components in the DB ( CS4 filesets, Combo packages) don't ever change.



Hi Jean-Philippe, Time 23 Aug 2010 21:25 #799

  • Dave Elliott
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Hi Jean-Philippe,

Time Machine might work to back up your /fwxserver directory. You are correct that it is always best to stop the server first before you do your backups. This is where you may run into trouble using Time Machine. It doesn't seem that there is a good way to schedule backups with Time Machine.

We recommend using the backup script found at:

Should you find that you need to revert to an earlier model, you can do so in FileWave. Often times you can do this without having to resort to pulling a backup.

In version 4.x you have the option of us the fwcontrol command in terminal.


sudo fwcontrol restore ####

(where #### = the model number)

You can restore the server to that specific model number. Of course, you'll want to be sure that this is the point you want to restore to.

In version 3.7.6 FileWave will also backup your models to /fwxserver/Data Folder/dbBackups You can restore those models as well, by extracting the contents of the model backup into the /fwxserver/Data Folder/ directory.

In both cases FileWave will keep backups of your last 20 models.

If your model changes involved deleting files or filesets, then you will have to pull from a backup to truly restore your database to that version.


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