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TOPIC: filewave 4.0.4, suddenly 0K files

filewave 4.0.4, suddenly 0K files 06 Jul 2010 06:29 #199

  • Koen Libbrecht
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Hi All,

Is there any notion that filewave suddenly deploys 0 K "big " files? We work with sets deploying a big part of the "personal" Quark preferences. ( QXP 7 and 8 ). We have different sets cause different departments with different settings. Since we moved up towards version 4.0.4, on random times, the user gets 0 K files, random on his mac. The result is that even quark does not start cause also the XPress Preferences.prf can be 0 K.

This is not only with one set but with many of them. We also see that the files deployed, do not get the date as they are on the server (as i tought it was before) but they get the date of deployment. We changed already the rights of the files into 777 (rw for everyone), we changed the way of deployment from selfhealing into download if missing and so on. Nothing changed until now. The only solution is to remake the set and wait until it happens again.

Any solutions or other things we can do?

Thanks in advance,


Quark preference issue 06 Jul 2010 13:38 #784

  • Jeff Cosper
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Hi Koen,

I had that problem too. It's an issue with Filewave 4.0.4 and the 'All Users' folder.

It has to do with the fact that Quark still uses Mac OS 9 preference files with resource forks.

Which no one else in their right mind still uses. So, Filewave's automatic All Users function has problems with it.

I got around it by moving the 'XPress Preferences.prf' file to another folder '/usr/local/etc/fwscripts' - my 'fwscripts' folder is where I deploy all my executable scripts to.

And, I also deploy a script to the same folder to move the preference to all users by hand.

This script and this method will keep the preference's resource forks intact. Yeah! Quark......



#copy a file to a location for all users

theFile="/usr/local/etc/XPress Preferences.prf"

#generally we are copying preferences, maybe to the desktop

thePath="/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 8"

for eachPath in `/usr/bin/find /Users/* -maxdepth 0`


if [ ! $eachPath == "/Users/Shared" ]; then

mkdir -p "$eachPath$thePath"

/bin/cp "$theFile" "$eachPath$thePath"

/bin/chmod 777 "$eachPath$thePath/XPress Preferences.prf"

/bin/chmod 775 "$eachPath$thePath"

/bin/chmod 775 "$eachPath/Library/Preferences/Quark"



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