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TOPIC: Office 2016 for Mac - version 15 - Volume License

Office 2016 for Mac - version 15 - Volume License 07 Apr 2016 08:26 #2250

  • Henk Baert
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Hi there,

Anyone succeeded in packaging and deploying Office 2016 with a Volume License?
Deploying the package (without the and launching the Microsoft_Office_2016_VL_Serializer.pkg (through a "Execute when activated"-script) doesn't prevent the "You have to sign in" dialogue from Microsoft.

It seems that before 15.18 the was sufficient; but know this file is made unique for each Mac and is checked from time to time to prevent unofficial copying.

Advice from Microsoft: just run the installers (one with the application-installers, and one with the serialize-pkg) does off course prevent a roll back.

Anyone had succes with version 15.18 or higher?

Thanks for any help!

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Office 2016 for Mac - version 15 - Volume License 21 Sep 2016 15:00 #2374

  • Mike.Thompson
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I know this thread is more than several months old. Just in case this could help someone else we run into the same issue. Here are the steps we took to get it working properly for the volume licensing version.

We built a PKG with Packages that run each PKG
fresh installed from Filewave. We could not get a Fileset Magic fileset to
work no matter what we tried. I have read online the serializer and
installer could be doing something based off of individual hardware ID for
the volume licensing installation. Maybe this will help someone in the
future if you get a request. He used some of the bash script for Office

Info and all info based on the link below on how to build and create the package, etc:

The PKG unpacks and runs this script:


# Determine working directory

install_dir=`dirname $0`

#Run the installers.
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_Office_2016_Volume_Installer.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_Office_2016_VL_Serializer.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_Excel_15.19.1_160212_Updater.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_OneNote_15.19.1_160212_Updater.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_Outlook_15.19.1_160212_Updater.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_PowerPoint_15.19.1_160212_Updater.pkg" -target "$3"
/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg
$install_dir/"Microsoft_Word_15.19.1_160212_Updater.pkg" -target "$3"

exit 0

Office 2016 for Mac - version 15 - Volume License 22 Nov 2016 14:24 #2417

  • P-M Lejon
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I use ordinary filesets for each application (just install and drag and drop to create fileset - no need for FSM).

To activate licens:
Alternative 1: i.e. Office 365 E3 licens
Just ask the user to log in with their O365 credentials on first launch

Alternative 2 - sitelicens
Here you need some pkg-extracting skills
Create a fileset with (use your own paths):
/.myFileWaveStuff/Microsoft Office Setup

And finally, Postflight script:

# reload/load launch daemon
if [ ! "$(launchctl list | grep" = "" ]; then
	launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/
launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/

# Activate license
/.myFileWaveStuff/Microsoft\ Office\ Setup\\ Office\ Setup\ Assistant
exit 0

Works perfectly. And you don't have to re-enable/reload/etc the licencing fileset, just activate newer filesets for the four apps.

(I'm currently working on enabling auto updating using MAU - so stay tuned for a follow up)
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