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TOPIC: Netbooting from a Lightning image fails.

Netbooting from a Lightning image fails. 22 Mar 2016 15:46 #2217

  • alstos
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I have created a Lightning image from an OS Yosemite installer and associated it with a computer but cannot netboot from it. Are there any suggestions as to how to find the problem? How do you tell if the image has finished copying over to the Imaging server?

Netbooting from a Lightning image fails. 29 Mar 2016 07:41 #2233

  • Pierre-Nicolas Rigal
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Sorry for late answer - we've been a bit busy with our conference !

One way is to look at the Client Monitor for IVS: open FileWave prefs, go to Imaging, select your IVS and you can then monitor it and see if fwcld is correctly configured, and if it is on the right model number.

Other options are:
- log in to IVS via web interface and see if you have the mapping (imaging association) is correctly set
- log in via ssh to see if files are correctly there (/imaging/images/ ...)

When OS X imaging fails, you should be able to open the console - and look at logs here to see what went wrong.

Usual troubleshooting:
- have you downloaded and run script ? it must be done for each IVS, and every time you change something like IP or shared_key.
- is the client locked ? locked client can't be imaged.
- do you have serial number set for the client ?
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