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TOPIC: Kiosk questions

Kiosk questions 22 Apr 2015 22:02 #1754

  • lhamilton1807
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I've got two questions regarding the Kiosk and how/why it can (or can't/doesn't) uninstall specific filesets.

I've created a few different filesets:
  • Chrome v42 (created with fileset magic
  • 7zip (a .msi installer - not created with fileset magic)
  • Test-Music, a folder fileset that throws the "Sample Music" folder onto the desktop

The Chrome application can be installed and uninstalled via the Kiosk. This works so well I'm honestly speechless. Wow!

The 7zip .msi job can install, but the "Uninstall" button is greyed out. Does Filewave not support uninstallation of .msi-based filesets through the Kiosk? See the pic below & note the highlighted portion.

The Test-Music folder can be "installed" and the folder gets thrown onto the desktop. I can "Uninstall" it, but the folder stays there (the files inside have disappeared, though...). Why? Note the spots circled in red in the pic below.
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