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TOPIC: Chrome app fileset for all users

Chrome app fileset for all users 02 Nov 2015 16:35 #1960

  • Keith.Tyler
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Hello all, I am new to Filewave first off, I am trying to create a fileset to install for all users, I am successful but it will only run for user it was created under, i did drag it from logged in user to all users in fileset magic.

Chrome app fileset for all users 03 Nov 2015 17:57 #1961

  • Mauricio Puente Cadena
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Hello Keith.Tyler,
For Google Chrome you need to create the fileset following these steps:
1) On a computer with Google Chrome and FileWave installed, open FWadmin and Go to the filesets view.
2) Click on "New Desktop Filset"
3) Click on "App/Folder"
4) Select google chrome from your computer's /Application folder and save.
5) Update model to save the changes.
6) Push it to test computer.
7) Update model.

Chrome app fileset for all users 15 Jun 2016 16:44 #2325

  • Scott Jensen
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This works for everything but google drive. Following these steps with google drive results in all users being stuck with the path to google drive on the user account it was created in.

Chrome app fileset for all users 24 Aug 2016 10:55 #2362

  • P-M Lejon
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With apps that needs to self-update it's better to put the application in /Users/All Users/Applications/ and set it to "Download if missing - only replace older".
Then the app will be owned by the logged in user and are also allowed to update itself.

We do this for Chrome, Firefox, Spotify and Skype at the moment. Mostly so that we don't have to force out new versions all the time but also to allow the users to run the latest version without any hassle.

when you create apps from an installed user and it doesn't work for other users, you should always open the fileset and check the privileges on the folders/files in the fileset. Sometimes they get set to i.e. drwx
which isn't as far as good as drwxr-wr-x for a folder ;-)
P-M Lejon
System Administrator
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