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TOPIC: Some suggestions to version 10

Some suggestions to version 10 08 Dec 2015 10:47 #1992

  • nwurzel
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some suggestions about the new version. Mostly about the UI. I know a few of them are harder to implement, others maybe easier.

1) Is it possible to disable the Dashboard optionally? I nearly never need it. It's just disturbing.
2) Is it possible to get the "Fileset Status" first when choosing "Client info", instead of "Device Details"? Fileset Status is much more often used.
3) Is it possible to consolidate the shortcuts and the context menu over the application interface? For example it would be useful ...
... to reveal a fileset out of the Fileset Status view.
... to get the Fileset Report out of the fileset panel in the association window.
4) I would like to have a shortcut for the Report function. (what about Command-R?)
5) Before version 10: When I chose "Show all associations of ..." the name of the fileset appeared in the "Search" field. So I could quickly search for a fileset with a similar name. Now there is shown the fileset ID. I don't think this is very useful.
6) Some filesets and clients are deeply nested. And sometimes I'd rather like to drag and drop items than to choose from a list. So I'd like to have open a fileset or client group in a new window.

Maybe I forgot one or another thing but I would appreciate to see some of this suggestions implemented in one of the next versions.

Kind regards
Norbert Wurzel

PS: It would be nice to get some kind of feedback to this post.

Some suggestions to version 10 11 Dec 2015 14:56 #2009

  • Dave Elliott
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Hi Norbert,

I've passed this on to the Dev team. Thanks for the feedback!


Some suggestions to version 10 17 Dec 2015 15:08 #2024

  • Ben Miles
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Hey Norbert,
Re 1)
I see why the dashboard could be annoying, I think you will find it very useful as more preventative warning are added to it. (especially related to another request you made for load balancing boosters)

Re 4)
[Command][r] or [ctrl][r] currently refreshes an inventory query when you are looking at it. But I get your point

Re #5)
This was an intentional change. like you said, it would search by name, and if there was something with the same prefix ("Fileset a" vs "fileset aa") you would actually get both results. So to many it was confusing that they were searching for this one fileset, but getting back several.

Did you know you can click on an association below, and copy it. Then past it into the search box. It will be the whole row, but that might help if you need to search for similar fileset names.

I'm not sure what you mean by number 6. Like how you have clients in the top -eft and filesets in the top-right or associations and drag them?
Ben Miles
FileWave (USA), Inc.
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