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TOPIC: Autopkgr support with FileWave

Autopkgr support with FileWave 27 Jul 2015 01:41 #1803

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I brought this up during the FileWave Conference 2015, when talking to the CTO, and I remember telling him, that this tool had unprecedented value for sys admins, and the amount of time it would take FileWave to release a patch so that we can integrate Autopkgr with FileWave...

Autopkgr 1.3 got released this week, and it's compatible with yet another product which is also another Multisystem's Manager, Absolute Manage. Please FILEWAVE we are begging you to please submit a workaround so we can use Autopkgr directly with FileWave...

Now there are THREE products this plug supports and FileWave is still not one of them...

We're proud to announce AutoPkgr 1.3, with a ton of new features and improvements.

Along with integration with Absolute Manage and MacPatch, there are new scheduling options (running at a specific time every day) and notification options (notifying a Slack or HipChat channel). We've also polished and refined the interface, and reworked the back-end to more easily support future integration with other AutoPkg processors.

See a full list of the changes below:


Integration with Absolute Manage (via the AbsoluteManageExport processor). (#217)
Integration with MacPatch (via the MacPatchImporter processor). (#347)
Now you can send notifications directly to a Slack (#358) or HipChat (#359) channel.
More flexible options for scheduling AutoPkg to run. New daily and weekly options! (#361)
By popular request, you can now right-click on a recipe and choose Run This Recipe. (#107)
You can also right-click on a recipe in the list and choose Get Info to see various details about the recipe. (#342, #357, #370)
Right-click on a repo to access the GitHub commits page or update a single repo. (#357)
The repo and recipe lists are now sortable! (#356)
The repos list now displays the number of stars each repo has on GitHub (and you can sort by them too). (#356, #357)
Proxy configuration is now much easier than typing Terminal commands. Just go to the Folders & Integration tab, then click on Configure AutoPkg to access the proxy settings.
In the same location as the proxy settings, you can now create the GitHub API token used with autopkg search feature using AutoPkgr. This allows a greater number of search queries per hour.
The install tab now displays status of additional integrated tools and processors, like AbsoluteManageExport and MacPatchImporter.
Easier uninstallation of components like JSSImporter and AbsoluteManagerExport. (#332)
Better validation of the standard output AutoPkgr receives from AutoPkg.
Ability to change the Git binary used by AutoPkg.
The repos list now has a status indicator showing if there are new commits to an installed repo. (#357)
The recipe list now has a status indicator showing if a recipe is missing a parent recipe. (#357, #370)
We're now using OS X Notification Center for a few useful messages, like when new software has been packaged by AutoPkg. (#79)
Added the ability to configure how often notifications are sent for new version of AutoPkg, JSSImporter, Git, and other components. (#379)
Added a "Check for AutoPkgr Updates" item in the AutoPkgr menu extra. (#275, #312)

New JSSImporter users will now get the "official" jss-recipes repo when configuring JSSImporter. Note: Existing JSSImporter users will not (yet) be affected, but will eventually need to transition to the new repo. Instructions will be available soon. In the meantime, read through the jss-recipes readme!
Reworked Folders & Integration tab interface to support a theorically unlimited number of integration tools, including Munki, Casper, Absolute Manage, and MacPatch. The sky is the limit.
Updated readme to make it clear that you should only update repos before every AutoPkg run if you trust recipe authors.
Removed unused menus and menu items.
Significantly rewrote the readme with new and updated information.
Behind-the-scenes code cleanup, typo fixes, refactors, and reorganization. Always tidying up!

Fixed a bug that could prevent email configuration changes from "sticking."
Squished a bug that could cause the JSS_VERIFY_SSL key to be incorrectly set.
Stomped on a bug that resulted in a "(null)" error in certain circumstances. (#352)
Swatted a bug that required pressing Tab or Enter in order to save the email password before sending a test email. Now the password is saved upon clicking the Send Test Email button as well. (#352)
When a JSSImporter update was available, the text on the Install tab would often overflow its container. We've enlarged the container, so hopefully that won't happen now. (#314)
AutoPkgr now remembers the last window position and table sort status upon subsequent launches. (#375)
Squashed a bug that resulted in "Version (null)" in OS X notifications. (#376)
Eradicated a bug that could cause AutoPkgr to falsely believe there are multiple instances of AutoPkg running.
We don't just love community feedback; we require it! AutoPkgr wouldn't be as cool as it is without the input from Mac admins who use it. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think.

To get help with AutoPkgr, you can find us on our Google Group or submit an issue on GitHub. You can also sometimes get help and ideas on the MacAdmins Slack channel. Also, we've greatly expanded the Troubleshooting section of our readme, so please do check that out.

Hope you love it!
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Autopkgr support with FileWave 03 Aug 2015 08:47 #1808

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I really don't see what FileWave needs to implement here. They already supports pkg-distributions.

If you want to create a fileset automatically from some sort of post process of AutoPkg, you "just" need to learn how to use the CLI of FileWave Admin.

Personally I wouldn't use pkg for distributing anything that I want/need the control of. But that's me B)
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Autopkgr support with FileWave 11 Dec 2015 13:52 #2007

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If you want to muck about with what has been started in this area see
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