The FileWave Certified Administrator course will go live following the release of FileWave v11. Look for an announcement regarding pricing and dates/locations soon. The course is three and a half days in length, with the exam delivered following a long lunch break on the fourth day. The classes will be scheduled for Tuesday - Friday.

Target Audience for FileWaver Certified Administrator (FCA) Class

This class is an overview of all aspects of FileWave using a modular approach with a given topic covered with slides/discussion, followed by hands-on lab exercises.

The curriculum was designed for:
  • Those who are new to FileWave, either in a position where knowledge of FileWave is needed or are preparing for a job in which knowledge will be needed; or,
  • Have been using some functions FileWave, but not all.
This class is not a Systems Engineer-level class, nor something designed for resellers/integrators who may need to do detailed-level troubleshooting and problem resolution without having to contact FileWave Support.

A copy of the curriculum outline listing the modules, knowledge objectives (covered in slides/discussion and tested on the exam), and performance objectives (accomplished in the hands-on labs) is available below. This version is current for FileWave v10.1, it will be updated for FileWave v11 once the product is released.