FileWave offers five levels of certification that indicate a users training level and the amount of experience that they have working with the software. Attention is also given to the user's participation in the FileWave Dojo. The levels are marked by the color of "belts", from the white belt, given to initiates evaluating FileWave software, to the black belt given to the chosen few, the FileWave Sensei.


Belts FileWave Certification Level Description
The FileWave White Belt is given to prospects who are evaluating FileWave software.
The FileWave Yellow Belt is given to customers who use the software and have completed the Beginning training course.
The FileWave Green Belt is given to customers who use the software, have completed the Advanced training course and have successfully passed the FileWave Certification Exam.
The FileWave Blue Belt is given to those who have achieved Green Belt status and keep their certification status current for at least two years and actively participate and answer questions on the FileWave Alliance Forum.
The FileWave Black Belt is reserved for those Blue Belt FileWave users who are experts in FileWave technology, having used the software for at least five years and are hand-picked to receive this FileWave Dojo title.