End-User Kiosk

FileWave Kiosk gives administrators a method to provide users easy access to optional deployments (applications, documents and other resources) at the moment they need them. In most organizations, there are a number of applications and resources that are required for all users. Other content is available via optional downloads. This optional material is accessed by the user in a number of different ways and locations. The Kiosk gives users quick and easy access to all their relevant materials when they are available.While other self-service solutions rely on installers, which need to restart if a disruption occurs, FileWave's unique file level deployment and management is resilient to both network connectivity and power disruptions.

How the FileWave Kiosk Works

The Kiosk is built into the FileWave Client. TheFileWave Client is still in charge of any actions performed by the Kiosk. This means that your end-users can manage software installation at will, no Administrator account required! Branding is controlled by the FileWave Admin and is as granular as you like. Brand one client, a group or all of your clients, as easily as you associate filesets. 

FileWave Kiosk allows you to provide a self-service portal for your end-users. The Kiosk is system specific, so individuals only see the applications, documents and other content that you have made available to their system as an optional download.


  • Self-service portal - For your end-users to pull down optional applications, documents and updates relevant for their specific job.
  • System-specific - Individuals see only applications, documents and other content that you have made available to their system as an optional download.
  • Admin not required - With FileWave kiosk your end users can install and remove any software, updates, or files you make available.
  • Completely brandable - By inserting your company's logo and text, users experience your organization's own unique, customized Kiosk.
  • Versatile Admin preferences - Make your own categories and sub-categories within Admin's preferences

OS Compatibility

  • Apple OS X 10.7 - 10.10.x
  • Apple iOS 6.0 - 8.x
  • MS Windows 7 - 8.1
  • MS Surface Pro
  • Android 4.1(Jelly Bean) - 4.4(KitKat)
  • Linux CentOS

Server can be dedicated hardware or virtualized. Cloud hosting is available for mobile device environments.