Device Discovery

FileWave Inventory also allows you to schedule scans of your network to discover devices that do not currently have the Inventory client installed. Even though you do not have the client on these systems, you are still able to get essential information about the system. Other uses of FileWave Inventory include software usage, license and lifecycle management.


How It Works

Our Discovery Scanner utilizes a multi-tiered scanning technique to fully sweep any subnet on your network. Once you've set up scheduling the scans of your network, the Discover Scanner goes to work searching out even the smallest device. Of course, devices already in FileWave Inventory are ignored, while unknown devices are probed for as much information as possible, helping to keep you informed about your network at all times.

  • Schedule scans by subnet or IP range
  • Sweep any subnet on your network with an unlimited number of scanners
  • Integrates discovery results directly into your device inventory
  • Powerful 'Detection' mode - Scanner detects OS devices not integrated into the FileWave system.


OS Compatibility

  • Apple OS X 10.7 - 10.10.x
  • Apple iOS 6.0 - 8.x
  • MS Windows 7 - 8.1
  • MS Surface Pro
  • Android 4.1(Jelly Bean) - 4.4(KitKat)
  • Linux CentOS

Server can be dedicated hardware or virtualized. Cloud hosting is available for mobile device environments.